Divorce Kits

Divorce Kits:

For some families, depending on their situation, handling their own divorce (known as being pro se) using a “divorce kit” is an appropriate option. The first thing to consider is whether or not you and your spouse have agreed on the material issues in your divorce such as custody of children, division of assets and debts, and visitation.

If the parties have agreed on the material issues, a divorce kit may be appropriate. Our divorce kits are priced based on whether or not the parties have children, assets, debts, and if they will need Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO) drafted.

If you decide that using one of our divorce kits is the right fit for your situation email or call our office. We can email, fax, or mail the form you will need to complete and return to our office. The turnaround time for your documents will depend on the complexity of your case, however average turnaround time is approximately two weeks.

Divorce Kit Pricing:

Tier One:    Divorce with no children, no assets and no debts

Tier Two:    Divoce with no children, assets and debts

Tier Three: Divorce with children, no assets and no debts

Tier Four:   Divorce with children, assets and debts