Personal Injury

The most common personal injury question in Oklahoma City seems to be “what settlement amount would be fair in my case?”

There are no set rules for evaluating anyone’s personal injury claim. An experienced attorney will consider the following factors:

  • What were your medical bills? Who paid your medical bills?
  • Did you have any lost wages?
  • Are your injuries documented?
  • How much insurance does the negligent person have?
  • Are there any expected future medical bills?What kind?
  • Will there be future loss of earnings?
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Millions of people every year are involved in car accidents. A motor vehicle accident can cause serious injuries such as back and spinal injuries, brain injuries, scarring and broken bones.
Auto insurance companies have very little interest or incentive to reach a fair resolution. People often forget that insurance companies are for-profit businesses that make money via premiums and not by paying out claims. Hiring an experience attorney will help you level the playing field.
We will support our clients through the entire process of settling their claim. We’ll work with the health insurance company, Medicare and negotiating medical liens. If the Insurance Company will not pay a fair value, we will take them to court.
Slip and Fall Accidents
Slips, Trips and Fall accidents are usually referred to as “premises liability” cases. Merchants owe a duty to persons using their premises to exercise “reasonable care” to keep the passageways, floors and aisles in a reasonably safe condition.
If you are injured due to a property owner or business failing to provide a safe environment you may be able to bring a claim for damages incurred due to your injury.
Insurance companies use massive databases and complex algorithms to come up with the least amount they think you will settle for. Don’t face an aggressive claims adjuster armed with that information alone. Contact John S. Stratton today.